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Dallas Chip Seal Roadway Paving

Time for a new pavement for your street or road?

Is your old pavement starting to wear and tear and causing potential safety hazards?  If you have crippling pot holes and worn-down pavement then it is time to consider a chip seal pavement for your Dallas roadway.  Chip Seal Paving is the fast, affordable option that leaves your road looking brand new for a fraction of the cost of traditional paving options.

At Joseph’s Chip Seal Paving we have been providing greater Dallas and Texas with chip seal paving excellence for over 20 years!  We know what it takes to fix that old cracked, pothole-filled roadway and leave you with a pavement to be proud of.  Joseph’s Chip Seal paving has seen it all in Dallas and provides superior chip seal paving for streets, roads, roadways, highways, city streets, subdivisions, farm roads, ranch roads, country roads, hiking trails, and more.



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Why a Chip Seal Paving for your Dallas Roadway?

Chip seal is fast becoming Dallas’s pavement of choice for streets and roads due to its versatility, longevity, safety features, and cost.  A chip seal pavement on your street will enhance the safety by providing excellent skid resistance.  The chip seal pavement provides an effective moisture barrier for the underlying pavement, blocking water intrusion by sealing cracks in the pavement.  Additionally, a chip seal roadway stops corrosion of the surface from aging through oxidation from a combination of water and sun. 

Types of Roadways we chip seal:

Chip Seal Road Vs Asphalt

Interested in a chip seal pavement for your Dallas roadway project but need more information?  We can help you with a brief overview of chip seal vs an asphalt roadway.  Chip seal contains the same structural components as hot mix asphalt.  The differentiation lies in the application and the construction method of the chip seal vs asphalt.  A Chip Seal roadway starts by layering a thin layer of liquid asphalt that is sprayed on the surface.  After this asphalt is sprayed it is followed by the placement of small aggregate stone or chips.  The chip or aggregate stone increases the safety of the roadway by providing better skid resistance.  With an asphalt roadway, you only get the layer of hot mix asphalt on top of the existing road elements.  

dallas chip seal paving roadway

How much does a Dallas Chip Seal Roadway paving cost?

A chip seal paving for a roadway can vary in cost due to the size and scope of the project.  Chip seal is more affordable than asphalt and cement but not as cheap as a gravel only pavement.  Chip seal paving can be quoted by square foot or for larger scope projects by the mile.  Typically a chip seal pavement can cost about $5-$10 per square foot.  A chip seal road or street is more affordable than asphalt.

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At Joseph’s Chip Seal & Asphalt Paving we know what it takes to complete the chip seal roadway on time, on budget, and to your specifications.  We know this because we have been providing chip seal paving to Dallas area residents for over 20 years!  We also provide chip seal driveway service as well.  Call us today to get a quote on your chip seal street, road, highway, subdivision, ranch road, or hiking trail today!

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