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Dallas Chip Seal Driveway

Chip Seal Paving for your Dallas Driveway

When it comes to paving your driveway, there are numerous options to choose from such as asphalt, pavers, cement, and what we recommend, Chip Seal. Chip Seal paving is quickly becoming the most recommended surface for Dallas area resident’s due to several competitive factors.  For starters, your chip seal Dallas driveway is skid resistant because of the granulars of the chips or rocks.  Next Chip Seal offers a durable surface that although not as strong as cement but will last long for the price.  Lastly, your chip seal driveway is the most affordable option that offers the quickest installation.

At Joseph’s Chip Seal Paving, we have been laying chip seal driveways for over 20 years in the Dallas area.  We also offer Chip Seal Paving for driveways in greater Texas and even Central Texas.  The reason why you should choose Joseph’s Chip Seal Paving is because we are the perfect split of affordability and expertise.   If you are in Dallas and would like to learn more about a chip seal driveway for your pavement then give us a call!



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Chip Seal Driveway vs Asphalt

When it comes to choosing the pavement solution for your driveway make sure you are fully aware of the benefits of both Chip Seal and Asphalt.  At Joseph’s Asphalt & Chip Seal Paving we offer both paving solutions and can discuss the best options for your driveway.  If you choose chip seal you first need to understand the process.  Chip seal is an application that has a special protective wearing surface that goes on an existing pavement.  It requires a dump truck full of chips that are spread and pulled backwards for an even surface.  From there a thin layer of liquid asphalt is sprayed down in front of the chip spreader.  The major benefit of Chip Seal is that it offers better skid resistance at a more affordable price.  Hot mix asphalt only consists of asphalt on an existing surface. 

How much does a Dallas chip seal driveway cost?

When it comes to pricing for your Dallas driveway you can rest assured that a chip seal driveway is your more affordable option.  A chip seal driveway is typically about twice as much as a regular gravel driveway.  However, the chip seal is less than you would pay for an asphalt driveway.  For a quote on your Dallas Chip Seal Driveway give the experts at Joseph’s Chip Seal Paving. 

Dallas Chip Seal Driveway Paving

If its time to replace the pavement on your Dallas driveway then make sure to give a call to the paving experts at Joseph’s Chip Seal Paving.  We provide chip seal paving for many surfaces such as chip seal roads and parking lots.  We are family owned and operated and have served Dallas for over 20 years.

Chip Seal Paving Options