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Dallas Asphalt Resurfacing

Joseph’s Chip Seal Paving is not only known as the best chip seal paving company in Dallas but we also offer superior asphalt resurfacing services. Asphalt pavement is a diverse material that can offer a durable, cost-effective easy to install paving option. Often parking lots across the nation use asphalt as the material of choice because of its ability to withstand heavy loads. Additionally, asphalt has the ability to last for many years and needs less maintenance than concrete.

To maximize the life of your asphalt resurface there are several best procedures to follow:

Asphalt Repair & Patching in Dallas

In Dallas, we find that patching is a common is a common asphalt repair especially around areas of the surface with potholes. A potholes typically occurs when water seeps into the pavement through cracks that are not properly sealed. The water will then freeze and expand and increase the size of the crack. When the ice melts a void is left and the pavement will fall into the void causing a pothole.



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Is it better to resurface or replace asphalt driveway?

At Joseph’s Chip Seal Paving, we believe in offering our customers the most cost-effective and appropriate solutions for their driveways. When deciding whether to resurface or replace an asphalt driveway, we consider several factors such as the age of the driveway, the extent of damage, and the budget constraints of the homeowner. Resurfacing is often a preferable option for driveways that have minor wear and tear as it involves applying a new layer of asphalt over the existing surface, which can significantly extend the driveway’s life at a lower cost. However, for driveways that have severe damage, such as deep cracks or major structural issues, replacement might be the better option to ensure durability and longer-lasting results. Our goal is to ensure that each customer receives the best advice and service tailored to their specific needs.

What is the difference between resurfacing and repaving?

We often educate our clients about the differences between resurfacing and repaving to help them make informed decisions about their asphalt maintenance needs. Resurfacing, also known as overlaying, is the process of adding a new layer of asphalt over the existing driveway without removing the old asphalt. This method is suitable for driveways with minor to moderate wear and provides a refreshed surface at a lower cost. Repaving, on the other hand, involves completely removing the existing layers of the driveway and installing new asphalt from the ground up. This is typically recommended for driveways that are extensively damaged or have underlying issues that affect the base layer. Both methods extend the lifespan of a driveway, but the choice depends on the condition of the existing pavement and the specific needs of the property.

How long does it take for resurfaced asphalt to dry?

At Joseph’s Chip Seal Paving, we understand that one of the key concerns for our clients after having their asphalt driveway resurfaced is the drying time. Typically, the drying time for resurfaced asphalt can vary based on weather conditions, but generally, it takes about 24 to 48 hours for the new asphalt layer to dry sufficiently for foot traffic. For vehicle traffic, we recommend waiting at least 3 days to allow the asphalt to fully cure and harden, ensuring it maintains its integrity and longevity. We advise our clients to avoid parking heavy vehicles on the new surface for at least a week to prevent indentations and premature wear. By following these guidelines, homeowners can enjoy a durable and smoothly finished driveway.

Asphalt Repair Procedure in Dallas

To fix an asphalt repair in Dallas the experts at Joesph’s Chip Seal Paving will fill the affected areas with asphalt mix. This will create a seal surface that should no longer face these issues.

Asphalt Resurfacing in Dallas

If your pavement is facing numerous potholes, cracks, and a high amount of wear and tear then it is time to consider a complete asphalt resurfacing. Asphalt resurfacing is often known as an asphalt overlay and is a cost-effective solution for your surface. Often times if you are experiencing grade depressions, standing water on pavement, large sections of alligatored areas then it is time to look for a asphalt resurface.

At Joseph’s Chip Seal Paving we are the experts in asphalt resurfacing in the Dallas area. We have years of experience and stand behind every job we do!