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Arlington Asphalt Paving

Arlington Asphalt Paving: Driveways, Streets, Parking Lots, & more

When you are getting any outdoor paving work done, you want to be assured that the material you opt for would be able to endure exposure to climatic conditions. Aside from this, you want to be sure that the material will last for several years with very minimal maintenance for your Arlington paving project. As a property owner, you have a certain budget that you are working on when you are getting this resurfacing work done.

One of the best ways to make sure that you have a resilient, durable and easy-to-maintain surface in your parking lot, driveway or street, is to opt for asphalt. It is a very tough and hardy material that is also extremely affordable. We at Joseph’s Chip Seal Paving, provide high-grade asphalt paving solutions to our clients.

High-Quality Arlington Asphalt Paving Solutions

Not only do we use the best quality materials in the work, but deploy experienced asphalt installers for the project. We use several different processes and materials in our projects such as:

  • A mixture of aggregates and asphalt will be used to create a malleable surface material that is easy to apply.
  • Our team will also carry out all the required patching & repair work and will make sure that the cracks, potholes or any other faults are fixed before any resurfacing is started.
  • These areas are constantly exposed to temperature changes & rough climatic conditions. This is why it’s a good idea to apply a protective layer on them. We offer excellent asphalt sealcoating solutions that improve the appearance of these surfaces and increase the longevity of these outdoor installations.

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