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Arlington Chip Seal Paving

Arlington Chip Seal Paving

Dirt and gravel driveways are very common features of many properties. However, the maintenance of these materials can be quite challenging. If you feel that you want a low maintenance driveway or road, you should consider getting chip seal paving installed.

We at Joseph’s Chip Seal Paving are one of the front-running companies in this industry and provide high-grade chip seal paving and sealcoating solutions. You will find that our high quality comes at a very cost-effective price and that the surfaces we install for you will be durable, easy to maintain, as well as aesthetically appealing.

Chip Seal Paving For Driveways

Many property owners wonder whether this is a good choice for their driveways, parking lots and other exteriors. The fact is that when you choose to get chip seal paving installed by our company, it can lend a unique look to your property. Since you can choose the color of the aggregates that are added to the mix, this helps enhance the appeal of your property and increases its value.

Professional Sealcoating Services

Chip seal paving also provides excellent traction and does not affect the condition of your vehicle tires in the manner that gravel driveways do. Aside from this, the installation can be completed at a fraction of the cost of a regular asphalt driveway, which adds to the appeal of this material. It becomes ideal for resurfacing even larger parking lots, driveways and roads. We also offer excellent sealcoating solutions to our clients.

If you want to know more about our Austin chip seal paving services here at Joseph’s Chip Seal Paving, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 682-225-5578 or request a FREE QUOTE via this form.  

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